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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tigers in How Many?

To all the pundants:

You suck!

The Cardinals had led baseball in wins in both 2004 (105-57) and 2005 (100-62). The 2006 season saw them battered and broken. Albert Pujols, arguably one of the best players EVER, sat on the DL for the first time in his career. Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, David Eckstein and Yadier Molina all missed time. A team without these five guys still managed to hold onto the division league - just barely. But they did!

I've been a Cardinals fan my entire life. I understand how irrational fandom is, that it's often based on geography or heredity. But damn... This season, was so hard fought! All of the "experts" just drove me nuts with their criticism of this team. Even after they managed to put together 17 pretty impressive games. At the end of the day, once the postseason begins, the crown is anyone's for the taking. Be the first to win 11.

Weren't the Padres supposed to knock them out? Oh yeah, well Carp took care of that.

Then we heard about the Mets. They were the best of the National League. Not to mention they're the New York team. They were supposed to win. That was one of the most exciting LCS I can ever remember! Watching the Redbirds take down their nemesis just rocked!

Bring on the American League!
The NL had a particularly bumpy year. In fact, the American League, including the woeful KC Royals and TB Devil Rays, won 63% of the interleague games. Only two NL teams had .500 or winning records (Marlins & Rockies - what the hell?). The creme de la creme of the National League has been the NL Central over the past few years. Even that division, topped by the Cardinals and the Astros, was hideous down the stretch. Everyone assumed that it would just be another sweep in the World Series, a la 2004 and 2005. The Cardinals and their pesky little Eck, had another idea.

I was so happy to be at home with my dad and one of my brothers watching the clincher! I couldn't be in St. Louis, but I guess this was better. I was with the two people who taught me nearly everything I know about baseball. The history, how its history mirrored that of American history, and how the changes going on today are reflecting the changes of the global community.

Congratulation St. Louis! I'm planning on spending the whole winter in Wrigleyville being inflammatory!

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