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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two *(&*^@ Weeks

Oh holy hell... I'm not nervous, really. I just can't believe it's almost here. I have a ton of things to do too. Of course I do... It's a wedding!

The Targo and I finally got around to figuring out our reception site. We've actually put it off a month. It's going to be sometime in February now. I hope that means more people will be able to make it to Chicago. It sucks that we're so spread out from our friends. AMY - I MISS YOU!! But, yeah, hopefully it will be a rawkin' shindig.

I got my dress altered and bustled (whatever that means) and will be picking it up on Saturday... I wonder how much that will cost?

I decided to trust the stylist and make-up artists at the resort with my hair and all that. Also, dear Colleen is practicing her Spanish and promised to be outraged en Espanol if anything freaky is happening. I just need to get a haircut and a bit of highlights before we go.

I feel like a weird and ungrateful person because I haven't built this day up to be more than it is. In fact, I've been criticized because I'm "not taking this seriously enough" or "not excited enough." But to me - it's just one day. It's a beginning, yes, but not the defining moment of my relationship with the Targo. He gave his heart to me long before November 30th, 2006 and I did the same. I guess I cannot stop thinking of what it means for our future. Now, we can begin planning our "real lives" together. To me that's so different than our dating lives. We can talk and think about where we want to live, if/when we want to raise a family, how and where we want to grow old together. To me, that's so much more important than what my dress looks like, what color the flowers are, and if the reception food is good (and it better be!!). But, it's so not more important than how my hair looks. Not at all.

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awma said...


You aren't weird for not being "excited enough" for your wedding day- you are being mature. Get down with your mature womanly self! Hey...and download some pics of that dress :)