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Friday, December 22, 2006

Great Stocking Stuffer

Ok! This is the best cheesy item I've come across this year. It's something that most people (I'm guessing) need. It actually (no lie!) works. And, best of all, it's hella cheap.

Sheet snugglers! Not only do they have a super dorky name, but they're a great conversation piece. Case in point:

Targo: Have you noticed the sheets haven't come off of the bed lately?

Me: Why, yes! Yes, I have! I owe it all to the sheet snugglers! They're the latest in sheet restraining technology!

But really, I'm an insane sleeper. I would wake up with the fitted sheet wrapped around my head like a turban. It's a pain in the ass. These things actually work. You can get them at your local Bloodbath & Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond for like $5.


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