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Friday, December 29, 2006

On a Friday Night

The scene: Hollywood Video with the rest of the Friday night Lame-O's. (Dear God.)
A conversation between my husband (how damned weird does that still sound?) and me.

Me: What movie are you thinking of?
Targo: Well, I've got it narrowed down to two.
Me (while scanning the shelves, strangely, for The Passion): Whatcha got?
Targo: The first one is The Godfather.
Both of us dissolve into impressions of Peter and Chris Griffin from Family Guy.
Me: That sounds good. I've never seen it... as un-American as that is.
Targo: I've never seen it either.
Me: What's the other one?
Targo: Well, I was wondering what you thought about Beerfest.
Me: Are we really deciding between The Godfather and Beerfest? I mean, one redefined cinema and the other was practically straight to video.
We look at each other for a few minutes.
Me: Whatever, I'll be at Moe's.

Truly, we rented The Godfather. (I heart Youtube)

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