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Friday, March 23, 2007

Countdown to the Big Three Oh!

Not mine. Sadly. The Big Three Two for me.

The Targo will turn thirty in April. Now, if I was a good wife, I would know exactly what to do for him and have had something great planned for the past month. But no. My best idea was hiring someone to clean our apartment and being all "I did for you, baby! All for you!" I'm not sure that he'd be all that impressed. And quite frankly, he'd probably wonder where I got the money.

I think I mentioned before that one of my friends' husbands gave her thirty meaningful gifts on her birthday. Well, I could do that, but again with the money. I keep telling him that I'm asking the Universe for another black and white cat. He totally doesn't think that's funny.

The battle that's occuring in my brain totally makes me feel guilty about the gift stress I've put him through the past couple of years. I'm sorry, dude. I'll totally make it up to you. ... I'm just not sure how... yet.


Liz said...

I know, I'm totally not good at picking out birthday gifts for guys. So good luck with that and blog whatever you got him so it will help the rest of us out :)

Hippo said...

my wife always spends soooo much time picking out a card for me, and the truth is I don't even care about the card. most guys don't. i don't know about your husband but im' happy with electronics. it could be somehting i have no real use for but if its from circuit city im totally enthralled.

by the way, i enjoy the blog.

Marianne said...

Thanks for stoppin' by, hippo!

Yeah, The Targo's a sucker for gadgets, as long as he doesn't have to assemble them.