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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spartans! Prepare for Glory!

Okay, I come to offend no one (how are those for famous last words?), but...

I loved The 300! The Targo and I actually went to see it the night it opened. Not only that, we went to one of the theaters downtown. Let me explain something. The theater we usually go to is inhabited by gang-bangers and people who think it is so totally appropriate to bring toddlers to 11:00 showings of scary movies. At this particular theater, you're really afraid to say something to the person kicking your seat, because that dude? Yeah, he might have a Glock.

So, we changed it up and went to one of the theaters downtown. First, we're the oldest couple at the show by at least one standard deviation. Second, we're the only people in a ten person radius who think it's acceptable to be quiet during a movie. There are other reasons besides the $10+ ticket prices that I hate going to the movies in Chicago.

What? The 300. Right! It was awesome. It was bloody in a green-screen comic book way. There were dramatic speeches, which I am all about. But mostly, there were Greek hard bodies. Grrrrrrrrrrrroowl. I am thinking of seeing it again. At the theater. Yeah! (For disbelief, see above.)

The whole "point" of this post. Well, I was reading reviews of the movie and I stumbled across a website of reviews from a - uhm - a different perspective. I was really interested because in my mind, it was neither a kid-friendly nor a family movie. Most of the reviews discussed historical inaccuracies. Some talked about the aesthetics of the film. One guy said that he and his wife thought it would be a great date movie and was horrified that it was so violent. Really. What part of "300 Spartans make their last stand" failed to sound like a movie with violence and gore?

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