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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So Ugly They're Cute

There's something cute about pitiful animals. A good example of this is the Ugliest Dog (click at your own risk) in the World competition. (After going to that link, I'm not sure that's a good example. *shudder*) Now really... Would they have the ugliest person in the world contest? I think not. In fact, the organizers would probably get sued.

But pitiful animals? That's a whole other story. (Note: I didn't do the Midwestern "a whole 'nother" because I think that's almost as bad as saying 'addicting.' Again Blogger - that's NOT a word!)

Take the Targo's parents' dog. This is Brutus:

Let me tell you about all of the issues Brutus has. He's got a genetic disorder that causes his eyelashes to point in. He's had both of his back knees rebuilt. And, look a little bit closer.

Yes, that dog is incredibly cross-eyed. He's so homely it's unbelievably cute.

Then there's Mystic. My baby. The Diva. She's so pretty and fastidious. She's got some issues too. When we got her, she had a broken hip. The "vets" at anti-cruelty had to shave off the ball part of the joint, so her little hip bone just sits in the socket. She runs and plays like a normal crazy cat, but she bows that leg out when she walks. She also suffers from feline acne. I ignore that. But look closer.

That is one cock-eyed cat! When she stares at you, you can totally tell. But, when she's spacing out, her eyes each have their own agendas. Do you think it makes her cuter? I do. Sort of. One thing's for sure, it makes her way harder to photograph!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm more of a cat person, but them's some cute an-er-muls! :)

Aimee said...

They are both DARLING.
I heart cross-eyes. Clyde has cross-eyes and acne. (our poor kids!)