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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Targo: Why do you have to say I lived in my parent's basement? It was my own room! Not the basement.

Me: Does that really sound better? Besides, "your mom's basement" is for comic effect.

The Targo: You just like making fun of me. How many years have I heard those jokes?

A few minutes pass.

The Targo: I think I'm going to start my own blog and talk about you. I'll call it "My Right Nerve!"


Anonymous said...

ROTFL!! I almost feel bad for The Targo.


Sarah ;)

Nicole P. said...

Hello back! Too funny that we probably live real close (I'm basically at Belmont/Lincoln/Ashland).

And good luck with your back! I have low back issues and have abandoned my chiropractor. I'm half tempted to go crawling back to him with my head hung in shame. haha!