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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Random Post for the Crazy Cat Ladies

One night, the Targo and I were chilling at our Borders. Yeah, I said it. I stumbled across a book on the 2 for 3 rack that changed my life. (I also refer to TiVo as changing my life, so you can see the absolute "magnitude" of this statement.) Here it is:

I scooped this book up like it was the last ice cream sandwich copy in the store and found myself a little table in the cafe. For the next half hour, I leaned over this book and laughed so hard I cried. The drawings are somewhat, ahem, remedial, but goodness, the Plot! The Action! The Intrigue! It's all first-rate. Almost Pulitzer-worthy.

The Targo was so embarrassed that he actually went to the next floor to avoid my guffaws. I am not one to be deterred, so I followed him all over Borders saying "Omigod, can't you see New Cat in this frame?" "Isn't this just so Mystic?" "Dude, that could totally be me! I beg for Mystic's love just like that!"

About a week later, mi handsome esposo came home with a Borders bag. And surprise! It was this book! The one about the cat! And the crazy cat guy! There was much smooching that night, because I'm just that nuts.

So I thought perhaps you, crazy cat lady, would appreciate this giggle fest. And also, this guy is a local. Google him. Maybe he's single. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Hee hee! Love the Cat Book. ;)

Aimee said...

I will definitely have to check that out. It looks so cute.

We found a book that was like that one, "Maybe he's just not that into you" that was, "Maybe your cat is just not that into you" OMG it's cute. lol

Marianne said...

Oh sweet baby Jeebus... I think I need that book, Aimee! I have such a bizarre relationship with my girl cat...