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Monday, May 21, 2007

When Haircolor Resembles a Disaster Scene

When the Targo and I had our fiesta in February, I procrastinated on getting my hair done so super-long that I only had time for a partial highlight. And, I couldn't be choosy. I went to the only place within walking distance that had an appointment available Unfortunately, the very sweet woman who colored my hair was also an inexperienced colorist. Ten minutes into my panic attack, I realized that it probably would have been better for me to just get a box and color it myself for $9.99.

One hundred twenty dollars later, I ended up with this:

And yes, I'm well aware that the Targo is way too good looking for me. (Bad lighting! Gah! Arm fat! And red-eye! But Hey! Cleavage!)

What was great about this "look" was that I had that Sarah Jessica Parker thing going on: with light hair on top and really dark caramel blonde underneath.

Fast forward three months and CRI-EYE-EYE! my hair looks muy frightening. When my hair was longer, I used to say small children and wildlife could get trapped in its big tangled mess. Now? It more resembles a warning for a bio hazard. The light brown and dark blonde underneath are duking it out. The platinum on top (which has never naturally appeared on my head) is slowly being overtaken by the rich caramel growing from the roots. I have NO freaking clue why I can't leave my hair alone. Actually I do: It's all my mom's fault. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a clue what her natural hair color is, and I'm certain I've never seen it.

A normal (rational) person would go get this taken care of instead of blogging about it. The problem? I'm cheap. I go to the salon when the Targo is all "Um... your hair. Well... um... it's not looking its best." And then, he pays. He's good like that. Along with the cheap, I really want to quit screwing with my hair. I'm tired of freaking out over roots and the stripes I get from the highlights growing out. But it's such a change! I don't know if I should go really dark blonde, so when it grows out it will be very subtle; or, to go with a lighter blonde that will have natural color variation and a root (roots!) or two. Oh the humanity!

Until then, I may be investing in hats.

From the 2005 ALDS: White Sox putting the SMACKDOWN on the Red Sox! It was also 90 degrees that day. SWEAT!


L Sass said...

My hair has been 100% natural color for a year now. The longest time I've been highlight-less since 8th grade!!

It's all due to the ridiculous coloring prices in NYC. If hair care was reasonably priced here, I'd be highlighted every 4 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Are you totally joking?!

1) You look super great! Seriously.

2) The Targo (luv ya, Targo) is NOT too good looking for you. *sheesh* You both are an awesome looking couple. *sheesh again*

3) Love that he pays for your hair,um,...addiction.

4)Try peek-a-boo highlights next time. I have them. They highlight underneath the top layer of your hair so.....NO ROOTS! It's magic! Hair magic!

Oh, love, love the SOX hat. Cool!


PS: I am jealous of the cleavage (hope that doesn't sound weird). I lost 'my girls' after my daughter was born. Still worth it, though.

Marianne said...

You gals rock! Thanks for the comments!

Aimee said...

You guys are so adorable. And also - invest $7 in your sanity and grab a Frost and Glow (I think that's what it is - don't be fooled by the 1970s packaging) cap and hook highlighting kit. It's easy. :D

I just did mine this weekend. I did the light underneath though. :)

kate5kiwis said...

you look totally as cute as The Targo (what is a *targo* by the way???), expecially in that Hat Photo.
i was just about to suggest going a sassy chocolate brown over winter. but then i (blondely) remembered that you guys are heading into *summer* now. oh dear. brains.

hair is tricky. mine is almost totally natural... the top layer throws a golden blonde in the summer and i just get a very-few lighter blonde highlights through the top of the crown twice a year when i get mine cut. but, having it long makes twice-a-year ok. i think that shorter styles need more frequent chops lol.

*love* the Hat Photo........ i have just started trying not to wash my hair to rejuvenate the curls. so have been wearing a few beanies lately lol.

The Wooden Porch said...

You guys are so adorable! You are beautiful and your husband is hot.

I'm having hair drama too. I tried to go blond resulting in BRIGHT orange. Tried to go darker blond resulting in darker orange. Tried to go brunette and it looked great... until 3 days later it washed out and made me orange again. I look awful in orange.

Liz said...

girl - you are FAHBULOUS

alyndabear said...

You're BOTH gorgeous, natural hair or not. :P

Mine has always been a mixture of darkish blondes, and occasionally I'll splurge on a $10 ash blonde kit to see if it'll go lighter. Then I get stingy, let it grow natural again. Lazy!

Cmommy said...

My salon does "color detailing" at $5/foil. I justify the $50 haircut this way! Your color actually looks very stylish!!

And, cleavage makes up for arm flaws in a big way, LOL :-) Um, that's what I keep telling myself.

(clicked your blog from The Wooden Porch!)