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Friday, June 15, 2007

A Good Hallmark Holiday

After work today, I'll take the Amtrak to visit my parents. Really, it's just an excuse to go see my nephew, Sammy, who turns two the day after my birthday. He's so CUTE. Oh and, good things? My parents have central air and a pool and it's 9 bajizillion degrees today. HATE SUMMER.

There are couple of things going on in Chicago this weekend.

This week has been Fiestas Puertorriquenas, essentially a Puerto Rican Pride festival. On the west side of the city, there's a gigantic, flourescent Puerto Rican flag that spans the street. It looks pretty cool and all, but it's kind of a sketchy neighborhood.

Also, in the West Loop, an area that used to be meat packing plants and warehouses, there's the Taste of Randolph Street. Now peppered with trendy lofts and fabulous restaurants, the West Loop is one of the "it" neighborhoods. The newspaper says it's a $10 "suggested donation," but they won't let you in unless you pay. I think it's a bargain though because you'll get to hear a lot of good local music. And OMG the food. The Targo and I went a couple of years ago and there was some amazing barbecue, southern cooking and some other pretentious dishes. I don't remember those; I'm a little low-brow.

Go here for more info.

Anyway, have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to you, your spouses, or your dads... wherever applicable.


Anonymous said...

Hate summer? Didn't you and The Targo have your lovely wedding in Mexico?? Huh?

We're so visiting The Hubby's aunt this weekend - she's got a nice *heated* pool. Ahhhh, relatives!

Marianne said...

Hi Miss Sarah... You know, I'm much more of a winter person. I don't like that I can never get cool in the summer. But my big whine is that it's been in the high 80s/low 90s all week. We went from cool to this in the blink of an eye. I think 70 is perfect for warm weather. :) That might be because I'm fat and refuse to wear shorts.

Do you have pictures from Baby Girl's birthday? Have a great weekend!

L Sass said...

Maybe AS will check out the BBQ when he's in Chitown this weekend!

Part of my Philly trip may involve mooching off of someone ELSE's parent's pool! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Miss Marianne. 70s is perfect summer weather.

The Hubby and I got married in the winter up north. Tons of snow and nice and crisp on the wedding day. *sigh* Bliss!

Yes, there are a couple of pics from Lovely Daughter's birthday. I'll update my blog.....just for you ;)