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Monday, June 04, 2007

My Weekend as a 12 Year Old Boy, an Old German Man, and a 15 Year Old Girl

Hi. How was your weekend? That t-shirt looks really nice on you. And your hair? Wow, are you having a great hair day!

The Targo and I lived a super happy fun ball life this weekend. Well, super happy fun ball for us. On Friday nights, we're usually so tired we usually rent a movie or fall asleep to some Tivo. Saturdays are usually spent with me sleeping in and The Targo snoozing on the papasan after his long run. But this weekend - I'm not really sure who was wearing our clothes, because they were ever-so-much-funner than we are.

Friday night, we got carry-out from our favorite Turkish restaurant. (Aside - do you all notice how different the service is at ethnic restaurants, especially Mediterranean ones? It takes FOREVER to order, and God Forbid! if you want another Diet Pepsi.) We chilled in front of some Tivo, took a long walk, and then went to see this:

I admit it... There's probably something very wrong with me and my ability to laugh out loud at toilet humor. But DUDES - The Targo and I bought the DVDs of Undeclared and it's really enhanced our love of The 40 Year Old Virgin, and now this cinematic masterpiece. There's tons of stuff that's way over the top; like, 90% of the humor is pot-related. But in general, it was highly entertaining! There was a couple sitting next to us who got up and left about 20 minutes into the movie. Do you think they were surprised about the content? What would you expect from a move called Knocked Up?

On Saturday night, a night usually reserved for a whole lotta nothing, we went to Lincoln Square (a north side German neighborhood) and attended May Fest. Essentially, it was Octoberfest a wee bit early. There was much drinking of German beer, eating of German bratwurst, and singing of German drinking songs. I kid you not, The Targo and I were the only people who didn't know the songs. My peeps are Swedish, Blackfeet, and Heinz-57 Euromutt. But The Targo is 3/4 Polish and 1/4 German. I'm not sure what his excuse was. It was so cute: they had a Bavarian band whose members ranged in age from 7 to 60. Seriously. There were so many people dancing and many of the old men were wearing lederhosen and alpine hats while some of the women looked like Swiss Miss.

We stayed at May Fest for about 2 hours, long enough for me to threaten the lives of line-cutters and for him to have a plastic stein of beer. Then we took the train back to our hood for another street festival! This one? Well, it was essentially a way for all of the 20-somethings in the neighborhood to party on the street. I don't really think there was a theme. The Targo wanted to go because they serve Pina Coladas in pineapples. I wanted to go because Josh Kelly was playing. I heart him. (We got to see him live at the 2005 American League Division Series.) After much high-pitched screaming and just one Pina Colada (sadly, sans pineapple), we wandered home. It was a faboo time that was made complete by seeing no fights and no vomiting in the streets.


alyndabear said...

Ohh I want to see that movie because I LURVE Katherine Heigl. And hey, she's engaged to Josh Kelley, did you see her at the show? ;)

Marianne said...

Really? I had no idea. I'm so not up on celebrity news. And actually, this was the first time I've seen Katherine Heigl, but I loved her. She's so likable!! :)

L Sass said...

Does The Targo have some lederhosen of his own?

If not, I spy a perfect birthday gift!!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMBO @ lederhosen! ;)

Nicole P. said...

Saw that movie yesterday. LOVED IT!!! So hilarious!

Aimee said...

We liked it too! Even though it was a little long. And omg a box of air. I LOVE HIM.

Katherine Heigl played the BEAUTIFUL daughter of Gerard Depard... in My Father the Hero.
SO ADORABLE. I want to be her.

Can you work that out for me?

Marianne said...

Hi Aimee... I'll see what I can do with that request. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be Katherine Heigl (although she is awesome), I would just like to look like the top half of her. The half that's above her waist and below her neck. *ahem*

Having a baby did a number on the 'girls'. They appear to have fled.

Can you sort that out for me, Marianne??