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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mystic Wednesday*: Real Estate Tycoon Diva

When I took this picture, I thought of that show "Flip that House." Mystic's all "I totally got this kitty condo for a song. But you should have seen it back then. Now with my 49ers Gator and the new granite counter tops, I'm sure I can get top dollar."

*Okay, I'm not very bright. It took me until 5 am on Friday morning to realize yesterday was Thursday. Stupid holidays.


Aimee said...

Too cute! I just love cat trees. They make otherwise calm kitties go BATSH*T CrAzY.

Humor Girl said...

i love giving pets people thoughts!! YIPPEE!! haha

Here via Aimee

Kristabella said...

I've always wanted to get my cats a condo.

But they'd just hiss at it, like they did with the little bed I bought them.

Stoopid spoiled cats.