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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thoughts on Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

I was talking to my mom about blogs the other day. Now, for a fifty-something mom, she's pretty darned hip. In fact, she's really hip. Until I moved to Chicago, she had taken me to every rock concert I'd ever been to. In addition to that, she manages to be techno-savvy too: She's got a way nicer computer than I do and it has many bells and whistles. But explaining blogs to her? What with the "what do you like about them?" questions. It was difficult.

What do I like about blogs? Well, the first blog I had ever read, Mamalogues, led me to several other blogs. At first they were mostly mommyblogs. Then I got into political blogs and then the local blogs. With each blog I add, I think I stop reading two or three. (Man, can blogs be a time suck!) Lately, my list of blogs has been very refined. It's mostly people who talk about their everyday lives, whether they're moms, singles or young marrieds... I just love learning about new people. (I do have a special place in my heart for other crazy cat ladies... but you all know that.) In general, the blogs I read are by nice people (even if they're snarky) who are damned funny.

I think I started blogging for that connection to other people. As I've mentioned before, my BFF is many miles away. In fact, my three closest friends live in DC, California and St. Louis. Needless to say I don't get to see them much. Connecting with them is really important to me. But the added benefits of "meeting" other people - WOW! - it was really unexpected.

What about you? What types of blogs - not necessarily specific blogs - do you gravitate toward? And also, why did you start blogging?


L Sass said...

I started blogging because I've always kept a journal, but wanted the discipline of trying to write a (somewhat) coherent mini-essay each day. I reached out to some other personal blogs that I stumbled across to get some feedback--but I ended up making some real friends through blogging! It's pretty cool!

Aimee said...

I started blogging to keep in touch with my HILARIOUS friend who had a livejournal account. It spiraled out of control from there!

Most of the blogs I gravitate towards now are ones where I have interaction with the author. I don't comment nearly enough on the ones that are "popular" because there is no feedback or interaction. I tend to lean more towards people in my age group, most are in relationships, most don't have kids. But I've also been known to catch a few mommyblogs. :)

Kristabella said...

I started a blog because I love to write. And I read all the big bloggers (Amalah, Dooce, etc.) for months and was all "I can do this!"

And it's the best thing I've ever done. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. And to meet new friends!

And a perfect way to vent and get thoughts out there. For the entire world to see.

OK, maybe that isn't always the best thing. Like when your job finds it and shitcans your ass.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs was one of the first ones I started reading. Seriously. I'm so not being a suck up here.

I started blogging because people kept telling me that I had a lot to say (is that nice-speak for she never shuts up?). Plus, I had a major case of the Lemmings....hence, my blog was born. LOL!

The biggest blogger I read is Wil Wheaton (so funny). Sometimes you've just gotta wave your inner Geek flag, y'know?

kate5kiwis said...

wow, love reading the comments.
and now i feel so speshal that you left a comment on my blog today lol.
i started blogging because.... (soz you'll have to click there cos it's rather a long winded explanation)
and now it's probably fair to say that i'm addicted.
and i'm so excited that some of my IRL friends have started blogging. it's such a cool way to trip inside each other's heads... and lives...
and i still *love* meeting new people thru blogging. like sarah, My First Global Swap Chick, who i met during the Ultimate Blog Party, and now you.... lol!!!!! X