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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Conversation: Chilling at the Colleseum

Me: Hey Targo, want a piece of gum?

The Targo: No. I hate gum. I think it should be banned, like in Singapore. That's one thing Singapore got right!

Me: What? Are you crazy? What's wrong with gum? It freshens your breath. It can prevent cavities. What's wrong with gum?!

The Targo: It gets everywhere. It's always stuck to tables, on the ground... and look there's some on this bench.

Me: It's not the gum's fault; it doesn't stick itself. People stick gum.

The Targo: Okay, now you just sound like the NRA.


Kristabella said...

Does this mean you're back? If so, welcome back! And hopefully you missed the Cubs clinching on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!! Blogland has been lonely without you.

The Targo, as always, is a great source of entertainment. I should tell him about my ongoing love affair with Hubba Bubba and see what happens.....Heh.

If you're still in Italy, hope you're having a super awesome time! :)

Marianne said...

K-B - I was at Wrigley two years in a row when the Cardinals clinched the NL Central. So, I find it really hard to be bitter at the Cubs and Cub fans. I wish you and your team good luck. Mostly because, Joe's Uncle Bob is a huge Cubs fan and I'd like to see them win before he dies. :)

Thank you, Miss Sarah! I missed you too! I checked my email once, while we were doing laundry (how great of an idea is that?), but didn't have time to read my bloglines. Sometimes I think The Targo is an alien because not only does he HATE gum (I too have a gum love affair), but also doesn't like cheese. Alien or Commie... one or the other.