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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Meet Me in St. Louis

As I mentioned - a bazillion times - The Targo and I had a "college reunion" of sorts in St. Louis this weekend. I met up with three of my girlfriends and two of my best guy friends. There were some super cute babies and significant others in there too.

We got into STL around 1:00 on Saturday afternoon and hung out with my friend Chris and her husband. They have an adorable nine-month old who is just now crawling around. Or as Chris had said, he's just mobile enough to chase their cats. That night, we attended my first Cardinals game at the new Busch Stadium. Somehow, I bought us "Standing Room Only" tickets without realizing it. The five of us (Chris, her husband, Nogy, The Targo and I) are such ridiculous rule followers, we had to have a war room session to figure out a place to sit. There were section attendants everywhere. We had a theory that if we strolled confidently into a section, we'd be able to take a seat, but we were all too chicken to do it. What were they going to do - shame us? Eventually Chris said "follow me... at an inconspicuous distance. No! Don't look so suspicious."

After the game, The Targo, Nogy and I did what everyone imagines they're going to do on vacation: We ate potato skins at TGI Friday's. Because we're that cool. When you'd be out sipping a Mojito, the three of us are asking for more dipping sauce for our cliche appetizers. We're just that lame.

On Sunday, Chris and her husband hosted a grown-up brunch. I guess that's what you do when you own your own place. And you're a grown up. One of our buddies from college came and brought his one-year old niece. The babies played and it was quite fun. Eventually, because we're all old, we had to leave for nap time. No really, Nogy and I wanted to check out the rooftop pool at our hotel. I wish Southern Illinois didn't look like hell because it could have been an awesome view. I admit I'm spoiled by my skyline.

We met up with our friend Julie and her fiance later for dinner. They're getting married in November and I'm going to be Julie's matron (ugly ugly word) of honor. At 8 months pregnant. Rock. We had fabulous Mexican food for dinner (which Peanut loves) and frozen custard for dessert (which I love). Later that night, The Targo, Nogy and I went to Laclede's Landing ("The Landing"). And rah! There was a blues festival going on. I heart blues music. And dudes, it was free. I really loves that.

Nogy and The Targo singing the blues... and making that "where the heck is the camera?" face.

The next day was super low key and The Targo, Nogy and I just meandered around St. Louis. This was probably the most chill weekend away I've had in the past year. Every other time I've gone out of town, it seems like some sort of crisis was occurring. But this was just about friends, family, and fun. I can't wait to see all of these insane monkeys again.

Another cool thing that happened this weekend is that I almost met up with Lani from The Wooden Porch. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but we talked on the phone for a while. Seriously, she's so sweet!

Two dorks on the roof deck. There's not much else to say, except how FAT is my face? Gah!


Kristabella said...

Every time in last 2 years that I've gone to St. Louis, I've ended up at Friday's. I'm glad to know "real" St. Louis people go there too. Plus, they have stiff drinks!

Looks like you had a great time! I always feel old when I go to The Landing. But again, end up there every time!

And your face is NOT fat! You look great!

L Sass said...

Such a fun weekend!

I agree, the word "matron" is the worstest. But at least people will know that the baby you're carrying isn't a bastard, right?

Anonymous said...

Excellent weekend! I just travelled vicariously though you. ;)

Matron = yuckky word (who invented that anyway?)

You DO NOT have a fat face. You do have a lovely pregnancy glow, though. :)

Jess said...

I was the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding. Her wedding was on my due date, but I didn't make it. Because I went into labor two days early.
At least I missed out on having to tell people I was a matron.

Liz said...

TED DREWES!!!! the best.

alyndabear said...

Your face is beautiful, not fat at all. Love that picture, too, very sunshiney and pretty!

Mmm potato skins. Mmm. Want. Now!