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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's in a Name?

I'm asking for your opinion again! I loved the baby names topic, but here's the thing: Please don't tell me the names you've got planned for your little ones. I don't want anyone to be mad at The Targo and me when we pick Ursula Myrtle or Vladamir Peotr before you do. Dig?

Cute baby feet from Acclaim Images.


L Sass said...

Fun poll! I am all about the family names, especially because there are some cool ones in my family.

I'm not into the super common names... I don't need super unique names, but I think it's fun to have a name that not EVERYONE has.

Although, if you pick a name that's close to a common name (like, for example, if you name your kid Laurel when Laura and Lauren are popular), he or she will be called the more common name ALL THE TIME.

lifeasamama said...

oh funny! i'm a laurel... and i really don't get called anything else very often. maybe it helped that my best friend from childhood was named laura, and then my best friend in college was another one.

i'm all about "normal" names... but not the top ten ones. i want people to know how to spell / say it without any effort. and i want them to know whether it's a boy or a girl without thinking about it.

Michelle said...

I will kick you in the shins if you use my chosen ones- Isabella, Lucrezia, Cesare and Themistocles. I know they are hot names right now, but I called 'em first!! *snigger*
I have to say that Vladamir Peotr is growing on me, but as your Dad and I know, you are going to have a girl so that wouldn't work. You could always use my Dad's favorite - Emo (with an oomlaut over the 'o'...fantastic). No recess fights over that one. ;p

alyndabear said...

I think you should stick to Peanut! :D Noone else in his/her class will have that name!

kristabella said...

I didn't realize Madison was common. I really like that name. Or Matilyn, because then I can call her Matty, like my favorite beat writer in SF.

I also plan to name my first boy after an ASU quarterback. This will be one of the first things I ever tell my future husband. It is not negotiable.

Aimee said...

I'm totally floored that Madison and Dakota are common names. I guess common does mean "everyone and their brother is named that" but I thought it more as "classic" like John.

I like classic names. I'm tired of the taylors and the madisons and the jordans. I tried to convince Mark that Betty was a great name - but that's a little too classic. We're lucky in that my mom, Mark's mom, and I all have the same middle name - so that's a given. Boy names though - we can't agree at all.
::shrug:: We'll just have to duke it out if that comes to fruition! lol