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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Belly Watch #10

Merry Christmas, Internets!

We celebrated with The Targo's family last night. His family is just great - and so generous. We received a lot of wonderful baby items!

Tonight, we're having dinner with my in-laws in the suburbs. And then, *sniff* we're preparing to go back to work tomorrow. A three-day week! Yay! That should be easy. Unfortunately, my job tends to pile up when I'm not there. So, it will suck. Meh.

In other news - O MAH LORD - I'm only about three and a half weeks from my due date. Jeez people, can you believe it? It's totally flown by and were I not festively plump, I wouldn't know I was pregnant most of the time. Oh and if the child was not doing calisthenics. (I'm pretty sure I don't know what that means. In my head, it's old-timey workouts with medicine balls and the like.)

But, in honor of my husband and the holiday, here's my 36 week picture. I told The Targo that we're not allowed to open it until sometime in January. You know, after we get a crib.

I mentioned Christmas cards in my previous post. Well, yeah. Hmm... really didn't get around to that this year. BUT --- I attached what would have been our Christmas card had we gotten them out.

How cute is that cat? I know many of you are not cat people, but this one, he thinks he's a dog. And, he's obviously very trainable, unless it involves staying off the table. He's not so hip to that one. (Blow up for the full effect!)

Have a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, gang.


Aimee said...

Merry Holidays!!

Tara said...

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Wow! Baby is coming soon...yay. I bet you and the Targo are excited.

Candy said...

I had 90% of my Christmas cards filled out, and finally had them ready to go on the Friday before Christmas, thinking they MIGHT just get there by Monday. Then I went to the post office to get stamps.

So the cards are still sitting in my car, unsent. At least I'm a step ahead for next year.

Kristabella said...

I was way late with my cards this year. But I figure since I say Happy Holidays, there's always some sort of holiday around the corner. :)

I can't believe you are 24 days away! You guys must be so excited! And freaked out at the same time!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

L Sass said...

That baby is coming SO soon! Hope Santa brought you a crib.

Sarah said...

What a cute belly! I never made it past 37 weeks, but I am hoping to this time, just to see how much bigger I can get! And a crib? No sweat-- you won't need that for ages :)

Jamie said...

Merry Christmas!

I'm jealous that your pregnancy has flown by. I think I counted down every last minute towards the end. Impressive!

Nonnie Bear said...

I can't believe how that baby is growing. Not to scare you into getting that crib pretty darn soon, but Liam came two weeks early. Okay I am trying to scare you. But you just never know with those little babies. I can't wait to see that little guy/girl!!!

Patricia said...

The picture of the cat is adorable. I love kitties. Loved the bow around the belly! Like your other "commenters"...get the crib now. My baby came early and had to sleep in the pram because we didn't have the crib either - figured we had plenty of time. Make sure the hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Beware of any really achy low backaches now; can indicate early labour.

Michelle said...

Belated Happy Christmas!! Love your "card" (mine are still sitting in a bag waiting to be sent out....curse those massive queues at the post office). By the way, I really heart your kitty pj bottoms. ;)

alyndabear said...

Cutest belly shot ever! You are so close, and I am so excited for you! xo

Jess said...

You are awesomely teeny for 36 weeks. By the time I was there with my first, I was so large I grew out of all the XL maternity shirts, and was weariing the man's shirts (I'm 5'6, he's 6'2...). And it felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in my ass.

Better you than me. :)

Good luck, Marianne!!