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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Belly Watch #12

Once upon a time, there was this girl, um, let's call her Arianne-May. After a long flight from Italy, her ankles suddenly disappeared. Every day she hoped and hoped that they would return; but to no avail. One day, she decided someone had taken her ankles! She put up fliers in her neighborhood to see if anyone would return them to their rightful owner. Alas, no. Eventually, Arianne-May decided her ankles were just a myth, a happy little story she heard as child, existing only in her imagination.

Oh, hi. Seriously ... I'm sure my ankles will reappear, but it's weird to have no definition between my calves and feet. I feel like a circus freak. (I can't think of what the politically correct term for "circus freak" might be. Besides, I'm not a fan of the circus. Just creepy, mans.)

So, 39 weeks and still going strong. I really thought - for NO REASON WHATSOEVER - that the baby would be here today. Meh, whatever. I'll just keep getting rounder by the day.

In other news, we're almost done setting up "the nursery." We've got the crib and changing table put together, however, we ordered crib sheets and they haven't come in yet. So, until they do, we've had to resort to several tactics to keep the cats out of the crib.

Our first tactic was to fill it with a bunch of stuff. Mostly, we had canvas totes in there. Magic was very excited about this and jumped from one to another.

Next, we tried lining the mattress with bubble wrap. Magic jumped on the railing, and then decided the bubble wrap was creepy scary and jumped off the railing. In the process, he's managed to scratch up the crib (two small scratches) with his back claws.

Now, we've got the bubble wrap on the mattress and we've filled the crib with balloons. Hmm, don't you all wonder how that worked? Let's see.

Exhibit A.: White Sox mobile, pretty crib, bubble wrap, and balloons.

Exhibit B: Close up on bubble wrap and balloons.

Exhibit C: Magic moving the balloons so he can chill on the bubble wrap.

Tonight, we took the bubble wrap out and once again filled the crib with stuff. Perhaps we should be smarter than the cats and just keep the door shut. That might be too easy and much less entertaining.

*The Targo and I aren't really mentally deficient. The reason the door isn't closed is because "the nursery" is also The Targo's office. Also, we thought one of these tactics would work. But seriously, Magic is one stubborn cat.*


Patricia said...

Now that is too funny - bubble wrap and balloons...kitty just pushing it out of the way. Yup, closing the door IS smarter than kitty - but I had a cat who threw himself at the doorknob and would hang on it, turning it with his weight....

Final countdown is on and your tummy is looking good!

L Sass said...

Your belly really doesn't look that gigantic (I'm sure that's TOTALLY what you want to hear in your last week). I cannot wait for a "heading to the hospital" post!

Becca said...

Those pictures are hysterical! I think a screaming infant will definitely keep the cats out. And you look awesome! The ankle thing is so weird. I could feel the fluid in mine sloshing around when I took a step. It was hott.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, yah. The disappearing ankles thing is a tad weird. I remember when mine 'went'. Weird.

Great tactics to keep the crib a cat-free zone! LOL! Keep us posted! :)

Candy said...

Gad I love cats. They're Look at him, figuring a way to co-exist in a bubble-wrapped world.

Ree said...

I sooooo would have expected the balloons to work as well. Wow.

Michelle said...

You mean you didn't buy the crib, wrap it in bubble wrap annnnd add balloons for the extra-festive flavour just for the Magic's enjoyment? Hehehehe, great pics.

Vanessa said...

I would try foil. I've heard they hate the sound of foil when they jump on it. Aside from that? I'll just hope your crib sheets come soon!

Jamie said...

Aw! You look good for being this far along.

Aimee said...

I was going to suggest foil too.
and also - the technical term is "cankles" and it's okay - I'm sure you'll have real ankles again soon.
And yeah, remind me not to get pregnant - my ankles are the only skinny part of my body.

kristabella said...

Another one to suggest aluminum foil. Supposedly if you put it in the crib, when the cats jump in it, it freaks the crap out of them. Makes sense because my cats are stupid.