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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Cold" Is a Four-Letter Word

Omigoodness, yesterday was the most challenging day I've ever had in my life. It made me realize that those women on "Bringing Home Baby" who have just had C-sections are CYBORGS! They cannot be real. You're not crabby? You're not walking like Quasimodo? And also, who looks that amazing after delivery? C'mon. I'd rather be naked next to a supermodel than those unreal comparisons.

So, yeah ... I'm going to need a couple of days to get my bearings and I'll get back to you. We're exhausted and struggling (like most new parents, I'm sure). I'm ... recovering. I was also lucky enough to come down with a cold on Sunday. Coughing causes my innards to explode. Any positive thoughts, prayers, or well-wishes are always welcome and very very appreciated.

But first, two things: Miss Sarah won the Peanut Challenge - or whatever. I was going to wait to announce, because I know I'm not going near the post office this week. But, trust me, Sarah - your "check" is in the mail. Congratulations! :)

Second: Baby pictures.

The Targo, the new little guy (a screamer), some doped up chick ... I think the setting is a space shuttle.

Proud papa and baby's first bottle. The Targo had a cold. I can't believe they let him in the O.R.

Half nekkid mama and little guy. We were so surprised that he had hair. We're taking more pictures, obviously, so you'll get to see it. It's a dark blondish color.

Oooooh. I think he's pretty cute. I know I'm biased.

I'll be back in a couple of days. Thank you so much for all of the support and excitement and wonderful friendship you've all extended these past months. It's been priceless, really.


Tara said...

Marianne, he is absolutely adorable! Congrats!!

Becca said...

He's beautiful!! I think it's normal to feel like you've been turned inside out, mentally and physically. It'll get better.

L Sass said...

Oh Marianne!!! He is gorgeous!!!

I'm glad your sense of humor is as sharp as ever now that you're a mama!!


The Wooden Porch said...

He's BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope you feel better soon! I had a cold when I delivered Tank too--but that was a normal delivery. I can't even image a C-sec. Every time I blew my nose, the baby jumped (after delivery). :-)

Nonnie Bear said...

First I want to say he is absolutely perfect. Next I want to give you a cyber hug. Having a baby is hard! Having a c-section is hard to the extreme. And those first days, weeks, heck for me months, are hard. But you already know it is worth it. So hang in there. Every time you feel pushed to the max, remember I am probably also awake with a fussy baby and I'll be thinking of you. We'll get through it together.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marianne!!!!! He is so beautiful! Just a perfect little baby - such a sweet little face. And, I LOVE the hair! :)

Sorry to hear about the section. *ouch!* Hope the cold goes away soon. Thinking of you and your new little one.

PS: Ha! Pretty happy to have won the pool (sorry about you being overdue, though.)

Jamie said...

He is beautiful. I love those chubby cheeks.

Take your time recovering. Your body HAS been through alot. Rest when baby lets you.


Mary said...

He's beautiful!! You guys make great babies! I hope you feel better soon!

Nicole P. said...

He's so cute!! That nose, those lips, the babyness!!

Great job, Mama.

Aimee said...

He's DARLING! what a cutie!

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm thinking about you guys and sending good "new parent" vibes your way.

Michelle said...

*squeak!* He is absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations again, you yummy mummy!!! You and Joe are going to be phenomenal parents. ^-^

Rima said...

Congratulations! He is just beautiful, and I love his name, too!

I had C-sections with both my kids (the second one was elective), so I totally know where you are coming from. A lot of things about being a new mom are made more difficult by having had a C-section. I had a really hard time with it - everything from not being able to do things for myself when I was still in the hospital, to problems with nursing. But trust me when I say it gets a little better every single day. I think the first week is the most painful and then it's really more like discomfort.

Congratulations again!

Shelly said...

He is gorgeous!!!! And yes, hang in there. The first little while is the hardest. : )

Christi said...

Ohmygosh!! I'm gone for a few days and you go and have a baby!! LOL He is GORGEOUS!!! My first was a screamer too but the first little while is hard and then it gets easier...and then harder...and harder... LOL Anyway, congratulations!!!!!!

alyndabear said...

You look after yourselves, you hear?

He's PRECIOUS, but with gorgeous parents like you two? As if he wouldn't be!

Congratulations again, and enjoy every moment of it. (Aside from the icky coughs.)

Vanessa said...

Congratulations! You make a beautiful family. Hopefully the cold passes quickly and your tummy heals soon.

janet said...

take it easy on yourselves and enjoy these newborn days

Ree said...

Aw, sweetie, he's adorable. Just like mama. Can't wait to meet him.

Patricia said...

Your baby is just gorgeous. A perfect weight and all the right proportions...*almost* makes me want another one! He is so cute. I had an unexpected C-sect for my second and recovery took quite a while. Most of us walked like quasimodo tiptoeing over glass... I dunno where those "normal" freaks come from! Your hormones will be all over the place for the next while, on top of your body recovering from MAJOR surgery AND the exhaustion of being first-time parents. Rest as much as you can and take your time recovering. Nine months to get there, nine months to get back.

Thank you for taking the time to post pictures for us!!

ps, do watch the coughing. Hold in your abdomen while you cough. 9 months after my daughter was born, I blew an internal stitch by playing with her and lifting her up. The insides take quite a while to heal, as a C-sect requires cutting through a very strong, major muscle (the abdomen).

Candy said...

Ooh he's gorgeous, as C-Section babies often are (having had two, I know of what I speak.)

Congrats, love, take good care and get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh that little perfect face! How gorgeous and precious! Congrats to you & Targo. Welcome, Nathan! We look forward to watching you grow!

Anonymous said...

So, out of curiosity, how do the kitty cats like little Nathan? Are they playing nice?

kristabella said...

Oh my. He is ADORABLE! Good work, you two!

Jess said...

Sooooo cute! i am so jealous... i have 4 little ones and i still miss that newborn-yummy-just have to snuggle-em stage!!!
Forget about those supermums, just enjoy being a Mummy, rest(?!) and snuggle!!! You deserve it!