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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Nathan is slightly spoiled already. Well, according to his pediatrician, you can't spoil a newborn. So, perhaps he isn't spoiled, just well-loved. The Targo and I continuously gush over him. He's the center of our universe and the cats are quite jealous.

As much as we love him, The Targo's parents love him exponentially. The Targo's mom has bought just about every baby boy outfit Carter's has to offer. The Targo's dad loves to buy him the big stuff ... like a jogger stroller. They show their love even more by how they cannot take their eyes off of him and beg to come for visits. My in-laws got to see me nearly every week of my pregnancy and I like the think the bond forged began well before Nathan was born.

The Targo and I constantly whisper to Nathan about how lucky he is to be born into such a loving family. But truly, we are the lucky ones. The ones whose dream actually did come true.


Becca said...

So sweet! Isn't it amazing how much you can love someone?

Ree said...

what a wonderful baby face grin.

Lady P said... could grandparents not fall in total love over this little fellow? Just look at that adorable smile!

Regrettably my side had no use...value?...for a baby. There wasn't much fuss or interest in either baby. Fortunately hubby's side adores all the grandkids (all 13 of them!!) If it weren't for them my children wouldn't feel special at all. That is not a nice feeling as a parent.

I say let the grandparents spoil the child! Life is so precious why not celebrate it! Make sure YOU get spoiled too; after all it was YOU who delivered this perfect little guy to them!

L Sass said...

That smile is so adorable! Any grandma or grandpa's heart would melt.

Aimee said...

oh my goodness! What a cutie!!!!

alyndabear said...

He is just so precious, I can't stand it! :D

jen said...

poo on the spoiled thing! Whenever someone says that about my kids I just smile and ignore them. My kids have their tantrums, but they also know how to try to get something when others are around. Its called acting out and grandparents are the MAIN cause. Its normal and Nathan will learn the rules from you and your hubby.
Besides, I don't think it IS possible to spoil a baby. Especially one as CUTE as Nathan. That smile will be giving you trouble in about 16 years! ;o) LOL