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Monday, March 10, 2008


First of all ... where in the heck did last week go? I blinked and it was all ... Friday. Jeez.

Second, this past weekend, we took Nathan to meet his great-grandmother, The Targo's grandma. She's 92 and in a nursing home about 5 1/2 hours from Chicago.

I had been pressing The Targo to make this trip very soon, because the woman is 9-honking-2 for Pete's sake, and we finally made it. It was worth the long car ride, and the inconsolably crabby baby last night.

Because really, I never thought something like seeing a favorite grandson be a loving father or a gummy smile could warm a person's soul so much.


Tara said... sweet.

Becca said...


Jen said...

I would give up almost anything to have a picture of my grandma holding my kids. Unfortunately it will have to wait until they meet in heaven.
Enjoy these precious moments. They are the memories you will hold in your hearts forever.


alyndabear said...

So beautiful! It's great that they could meet! :)

Lady P said...

Awwww that was so sweet! I am sure it meant the WORLD to grandma to see the precious baby for a while. I hope that if and when I am that old, someone take the time and effort to brighten my day like this. A sweet-smelling, new baby? Nothing like it.

L Sass said...

Oh, grandma and Nathan are so cute together! I'm glad you got to go visit her and hope she gets to see many more of his milestones.

Aimee said...

I'm totally tearing up over here. that's so sweet. I love you guys.

And also - gramma looks amazing for 92. I wouldn't guess she's a day over 70.

Michelle said...

Joe's great grandma does look fantastic for 92! How phenomenal is it to be able to meet your great grandson??? You guys are phenomenal grandkids. :) Super sweet pics as well (I especially love the second one)

kristabella said...

So sweet! That meant the world to her. One because everyone loves babies. And two, that she was alive to meet her great-grandson!

Ree said...

How wonderful and lovely.

I'm so touched, I'm not even going to ask whose gummy smile you're talking about. ;-)