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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seasons of Love - Five Months

Well Nathan,

It's been a crazy month. You're growing like crazy, you're babbling like Magic, and omigosh, YOU'RE MOBILE!

For Father's Day, we took you to your third baseball game. The White Sox lost, darn it. But you got to see fireworks and didn't cry.

In the past month, you've gone from tripodding to sitting up on your own - for a few minutes anyway. You've abandoned your sweet little infant cooing for "Dadadadada", "thethethethe," and this "woo-woo" sound like you're clubbing it up. And just the other day, you went from struggling to flip from back to front to flipping over like a pro and crawling. Truthfully, you're inch-worming backwards, but still!

We've been real slackers about taking pictures this month. I'm not sure why. (Maybe we're slackers in general?)

It's amazing to watch you grow and develop. We think you're an amazing source of entertainment. We're pretty lucky to have you.


Nicole P. said...

Oh my goodness - he gets cuter with every picture, if that's even possible!!

SSU said...

It is so fun to watch them learn new things. It is amazing how fast they learn how to move around!

L Sass said...

Darn, he's cute! And smart and talkative, too!

Kristabella said...

Look at that face! Cutest baby ever!