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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Life With A Petri Dish

I always heard stories about parents never being healthy once their kids went to daycare or school. Yeah, that's about right.

Since going to daycare, Nathan has had two colds. This new one is really bad. Now, the poor kid has been uber-congested since day one, but it's really bad now: a constantly running nose that is still, somehow, stuffed up. Of course, because he's constantly touching me and putting his hands in my mouth, Nathan gave me his cooties too. Last night, I asked The Targo - who is a walking ad for Claritin - how it felt to be the least congested person in the house for once. He wasn't really amused.

We just have to let it cycle through. We're trying to decongest his nose in nice holistic ways, and of course, I'm constantly wiping it. I also keep washing his hands - you know, because they're always in my mouth or eyes. But the thing that would make Nathan feel so much better? Oh, getting some sleep. Mr. "Six Hours a Night is PLENTY" is sleeping for two, waking up for one, sleep for two, waking ... you know, because his nose is stuffed up!!! The Cycle! She kills me!

I hope you all are having a nice Kleenex free day. If so, send me good vibes and a little Emergen-C.


Bailey said...

I hope Nathan (and you) feel better soon. I would imagine a sick baby is about the least fun thing ever.

Becca said...

Oh man, have I been there!!! The good news is that once they get over the hump they are hardly ever sick. But sick babies are so pitiful! I once had to pour little sips of expressed milk into Charlie's mouth from a cup because he was so congested he couldn't suck. Hang in there!

SSU said...

AJU5's cousins got her sick - and they are almost always snot-nosed. But, they aren't phased by it one bit (all of her cousins are in day care or school). Hopefully your will both get better soon!

Shannon said...

Maybe you'll get the sickies all out of the way and be super healthy the rest of the winter. Hey, it could happen. Anyway, I hope you both are feeling better very soon. And I hope the sleep thing gets better. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

My kids were healthy until we moved into the area where there were cousins. Then my son went through several years of colds, flu, earaches, etc. It was hell and I hope you are spared the same destiny!

I do think the kids build up an imunnity and these days, now that mine are older, I'm a freak about frequent hand-washing. I've avoided catching any of the really awful stuff for a long time.

The only thing WORSE than junior being sick -- is YOU being sick and baby being healthy and raring to go!!

Ree said...

I got the worst cold I've had in YEARS after Shortman went back to school this year. I think it's because working from home, we share more breathing space than we have in a long time. ;-)

Michelle said...

Poor MR, sounds like Mr. Nathan is taking after you with having a perpetual cold. Hopefully this will strengthen his immune system so much that he won't be so sick as he gets older. *fingers crossed*
Hope you both feel better!!