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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Notes from the Plague Ship

Mi-gah... I'm so sick of being sick and being around sick people ... and of sick babies ... and of babies who are sick. Heh.

Poor Nathan, having just recovered from a stomach bug about three weeks ago, came down with another one on Friday. As I was leaving for work, he vomited all over daddy. The Targo was not impressed. Friday night was a lot of not fun. Nathan didn't feel well and didn't sleep and I was bored out of my gourd!! I just wanted to do something. And that something didn't include spending THREE HOURS trying to get a little boy to sleep.

Even with all of that, The Targo and I were looking forward to Saturday night. We didn't manage to celebrate our anniversary on the actual date because The Targo was sick with gastritis. We made reservations at a fabulous downtown steak joint and my in-laws came to stay with the sick boy. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that filet and shrimp scampi. And then ... Oh Lord ... 3 am rolled around and The Targo was dying.

I managed to hold out and care for Nathan until around 10:00 ... but then it was my turn. Talk about no fun. Caring for a sick child when both of you are ***** your guts out. Yeah... it was awesome.

Nathan seemed to be on the road to recovery, but has had a bit of a setback. Poor little pumpkin.

Any good health vibes and/or prayers are so appreciated.


Shannon said...

I hate to hear about all the sickness going around at your house. I am sending vibes of recovery your way. We had the same thing at our house last year. But somehow Liam and I escaped torture. Who knows what this year has in store for us. Praying good health returns very soon. Give Nathan a big hug from us!

Ree said...

You poor guys. Good thoughts coming along.

AJU5's Mom said...

Ugh. That doesn't sound fun. I hope you all get better and stop passing the illness around!

Anonymous said...

OH NO! I am so sorry! So sorry!