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Monday, December 22, 2008

'Twas The Monday Before Christmas

... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring because they were all frozen solid!

O-mi-gosh. It is cold with a capital C. This morning, Mr. "I have four more teeth that have been trying to come in for 6 weeks" woke up at 4:15. We're tired. He was crabby and clingy and we're all freezing. I told The Targo that I felt like I was a character in Angela's Ashes or something: The whole family sleeping in one bed (the cats were there too) to keep warm on a cold night. We were all still cold. In fact, Mystic was not only under the covers, but she was partially under me as well. I'm feeling a little beat up this morning. Ow.

Back to Mr. Crabby. My poor little guy. I'm a little afraid he's catching a cold too. He's a pretty sneezy kid (I think he gets that from me), but he's started having a little tickling cough too. I am so tired of living in a Petri dish ... and then coming to work and telling everyone that "Yes, I am the point of origin for the current plague" because really ... I probably am.

Are all of you finished with your Christmas shopping? Despite agreeing EVERY YEAR that we're not going to buy for each other, I see three gifts in my stocking. I have nothing for The Targo ... and have like, 15 minutes to get on that. But I will... get him ... something. Any ideas? I have no budget, but I'll still field suggestions.


AJU5's Mom said...

Sorry it is so cold there. I had to turn our heat up last night because AJU5's hands were frozen when I went to get her.

As for shopping, I have been done for over a week. But, AJU1 and I decided not to buy things for each other again this year (the house we are remodeling is eating enough money that we don't want to waste it on little things we don't need). Plus, I did most of it online so I had to have it done early to make sure it was delivered in time!

Shannon said...

You poor dears! Winter is such a sucky time of year! Buying for guys is so hard. I honestly have no idea. Sean and I didn't do gifts this year. I am so glad. Buying for him is like trying to tie your shoes with gloves on, nearly impossible. Maybe a gift certificate to a coffee shop or book store near his work. Does he have any hobbies? Well, give that cute little Nathan a hug from me and I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Liam cut the four top teeth at once and I thought we would never make it. But we will!!

Kristabella said...

OH MY GOD! It is cold with a 72 point font!

Thankfully my radiators were working and I wasn't freezing last night. It was like the first time ever.

Also, my car is stuck in its parking spot on the street, which is all kinds of awesome.

What does The Targo like? iTunes gift card maybe? Or blank DVDs? (That's what my brother wants.)

Stay warm!

Becca said...

Cold weather is such a pain!! Sounds cozy all together in bed like that. The Angela's Ashes remark made me laugh out loud. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you find a way to get warm. Merry Christmas!