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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please Think of Me When You Have a Cocktail

... or a cup of coffee.

GAHHHHHHH! I am so darned stressed out. What's really annoying is that I'm making most of the stress on my own. Yeah. I'm that person.

Poor Nathan is sick again. I know, I know. Baby + Daycare = Chronically Runny Nose. I know. I still feel bad for the poor little dude. Today he has a nice deep cough, but seems to feel fine. I'm pretty sure I'd be on my back, demanding bon-bons if I was in his shoes. Hah!

My parents are coming into town this weekend for Nathan's first birthday (Omigosh!), so we all have to be healthy by then. Of course, my parents spend their workdays with preschoolers, so they're likely to bring cooties to us. Ick.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? (She asks on a Thursday... it's almost mocking, isn't it?)


AJU5's Mom said...

Nothing big happening here this weekend. I guess I am looking forward to more sleep if AJU1 agrees to take AJU5 one morning...

Hope everyone is well for his birthday!

Bailey said...

That my husband will still be home. He's going out of town for work next week.

Happy first birthday to Nathan!

Anonymous said...

When I read your title and first sentence, I thought you were saying that you are pregnant again. (you know, avoiding cocktails and coffee.)

We're driving across the state this weekend. Jonathan is preaching at a friend's church and we're looking forward to visiting with them. But visiting with family to celebrate a first birthday is MUCH better.

Nadine said...

I too thought you were pregnant!

Our weekend.. toddler soccer with Monkey, husband writing on his final paper, dinner with a friend.

Becca said...

We have the chronic runny nose too. I roll my eyes when friends say "I can't come over because my daughter has a runny nose" because Charlie's nose runs from September to April. Always has, always will. Hope everything goes great for the birthday weekend!