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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the Mouth of a Babe

Nathan's newest words are too cute. Here's the bullet edition.

  • He recently started saying shoes and has to show you his shoes, your shoes, or shoes on someone walking down the street.
  • He also says tree. While this is cute, it makes for lousy conversations when we're taking a walk.
  • If you ask him where his tummy is, he'll show you by pulling up his shirt. He can point and tell you where his nose is or where your nose is. But if you point to his tummy and ask him what it is, he may also identify it as his nose.
  • He can say kitty, which he had been saying several months ago, and then stopped. Now he says it again. If you ask him what a kitty says, he says "meeeow!"
  • I know many kids shake their heads and say yes or no at like, 3 months. Nathan just started doing this. "No" should not be as cute as it is. "Nathan, would you like a cookie?" "Nooooo!" "Nathan, what do you think of this?" "Yeah, yeah. Yeah." That one is almost always in threes.
  • If you give him something, or he takes something for you, he almost always counters with a polite "thank you." Truly, it's more of mimicking the sound of thank you, than the words.
  • He just started singing "Row, row, row your boat." I didn't know this, but all the lyrics are the word "row." Just an FYI.
  • He used to say "baby," but again, this word has changed. He now says "baba" for baby. And everyone under 30 is a baby. It's a good ego boost for you.
  • His favorite two words are Ball and Balloon. At times, they're interchangeable. But, balloon may be the cutest word in the world.


Shannon said...

Absolutely adorable!

colleen said...

Too cute!!