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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vacation Pictures

I know some of you have seen these on Facebook. But for those of you who haven't --- this is what we did on our summer vacation.

We went to a Baltimore Orioles game, where Nathan thoroughly enjoyed The Targo's sunglasses and dancing in the stands.

(I love these men!)

We also enjoyed time walking along the National Mall.

Nathan enjoyed the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. We ran him around until he collapsed!

We were going to go to the National Zoo, but couldn't find parking at the Metro station. So, we let Nathan and Amy's little boy run around like lunatics at the Manassas battlefied.

The Targo and I are convinced that he turned into a toddler right then and there. Between the skinned knees and the sun-kissed cheeks, there's no baby left in my baby. It's bittersweet because he honestly becomes more fun every day.


Anonymous said...

Gah!! So much cuteness in one post!! I love Nathan's little yellow golf shirt (so cute). He's grown soooo much!

Ree said...

He's so adorable!