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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh! The Hatred!

I've always wondered about this... Why do people either love cats or hate them? I mean, people who don't like cats never say "You know, I don't like cats." They say "I HATE CATS." What's that about? And, does their hatred extend to wishing cats and cat people harm? I've seen many a sticker/flair/bumper sticker that has said "The Only Good Cat is a Dead Cat." Does anyone talk like that about dogs?

I'm an animal person. I would have just about any animal as a pet (I'm not so into birds or snakes, but whatever floats your boat), in the past. Now that I'm a parent of a small child, I can't imagine having to take care of something more cumbersome than my cats. Who still fight EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Also, I just don't think animals are more important than people. Having said all that, I cannot figure out the venom of those who truly hate cats.

It reminds me of how most people react to Hillary Clinton... there's just no middle road.


Becca said...

That last part about Hillary Clinton made me laugh!!

I grew up with cats, but I don't think I could have one now. It's the litter box thing. But I don't hate them. If I saw one at a friends house I would pet it. We have the world's most annoying dog right now, but he still snuggles in our bed and is all around good company.

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me that dogs look at humans and say "You feed me, care for me, and look after my every need. You must be God." Cats look at humans and say "You feed me, care for me, and look after my every need. I must be God."

My theory is that people who hate cats have their own God complex and hate competition. The same applies to Hillary Clinton. :-)

AJU5's Mom said...

I think we as a society just use the word hate too much. We say we hate this and hate that when we really don't. We just don't like them.

Personally I love pets, but I don't know if I really want my own. They are fun to pet and play with, but the work I am not sure of...