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Monday, November 02, 2009

From the Abyss

Really? That might be too dramatic. Things have been C-R-AZY. Not a bad crazy, just busy, crazy and okie dokie.

(aside: this post will be full of unnecessary punctuation, sentence fragments, and very likely bad grammar.)

The Targo spent a month traveling for work. Now, it wouldn't have been the biggest deal if it hadn't been to India. And also, the circumstances aren't the greatest. I can't go into that here... but prayers are always appreciated. He's fine and he got to experience some interesting things, but it took a lot out of him.

Like everyone else, my workplace is going through tough economic times. We get regular emails from our HR department asking people to leave of their own volition, lest EVERYONE lose their jobs. Fun stuff.

Despite these stressors, I know how very lucky we are. It's not quite Thanksgiving, but I've realized ticking off little items of gratitude has helped me recently.
  • We have a healthy little boy who really enjoyed Halloween ... he was the cutest Penguin. The Targo says he'll upload pictures soon. "Soon" in Targo is like, sometime between now and the next time we change the clocks. I kid. Mostly.
  • As for right now, we both have our jobs. Despite the constant threats, we're employed.
  • We have a roof over our head. That makes us better off than much of the world. And, we never worry if there's going to be food on our table.
  • We have parents who are both involved and concerned. We don't need help now, but if we did I know that they would all do what they could.
  • We have amazing friends. While Joe was gone, several people kept me company and had playdates with Nathan and me. Many more simply called or sent "hi, how are you?" emails. While I was fine, I passed the well-wishes onto Joe. It meant a great deal to him.
So... that's about it. My life is pretty boring right now. A little frustrating and stressful, but definitely not enough of a train wreck to make it interesting. Regardless, I've learned that I need to write some of my thoughts out - whether or not they're grammatically correct or cohesive - to keep myself from falling into self-pity. It's pretty awesome to have a little space on the interweb to do that.


Shannon said...

I'm glad you survived! It is a scary time for so many. Life can be turned upside down in just a moment.

Sending prayers and happy thoughts!

ree said...

Hey, I'm going to India in a month. But only for a couple of weeks.

Did the Targo get to the Taj Mahal at all?

AJU5's Mom said...

Glad his trip went okay. My husband hasn't had to travel out of the country for work, but his trips have been hard enough if they are more than a day or two!