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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Way to Work Today

Nathan is at that point where he talks ALL THE TIME. We hear him over the baby monitor, talking in his sleep. It's usually something about his pacifier (which he calls a "bao" or "bow" ... whatever your phonetic preference is) or a doggy. He talks and talks and talks when we take him for walks, pointing out everything he knows the word for. He now recognizes most uppercase letters, so he gets excited about pointing them out and saying their names too!

Anyway, on the way to work today, he was babbling. I understood about 2/3 of what he was saying. So, I started asking him questions.

"Nathan, who are you going to see today?" He started talking about the letter M or something equally important. Then I rattled off the names of two kids he goes to daycare with. "Are you excited to see X and Y?"

He started clapping and did this "YAY!" thing and said "Anna! Reed!" who are two of the other littles at his daycare. It was just so cute. And yes, I know you had to be there.


Becca said...

I get it, even without being there! Isn't it wonderful to watch them morph into little people?

Shannon said...

I can't believe how absolutely smart that little guy is. Liam is still mostly grunting and he's now officially two. But he has made up his own sign language. I hope that counts for something. You have to be a super proud mama!

Mrs Lemon said...

I know it, Zesty is starting to be conversational. Most of it I can't understand, but he usually says YEAH! or shakes his head no in the appropriate context. It's going to be fun!

Sarah said...

Adorable! When Harry made his first friends, it was like the cutest thing in the world-- it killed me that he had these other little people that he knew apart from me, you know?