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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Grandma S. is failing. She's on oxygen - not to extend her life, but to make her comfortable.

While her decline hasn't surprised anyone, it's been difficult watching the family digest it.

Shannon wrote me the kindest email that helped me put my feelings, Grandma S.'s feelings, and The Targo's feelings in perspective. (thank you!) I feel privileged to have married into this family with such special people. I'm lucky to have gotten to see and talk to this wise woman over the past nine years.

But then there's the sadness. I'm sad for The Targo's mom. I'm sad for his aunt and her sons. I'm sad for their children.

I'm sad that Nathan will never get to know this lady, but grateful that she got to know him. Even if it was just for a little bit.


Swimming-duck said...

No words of wisdom, just wanted to send some ((hugs)).

Shannon said...

I'm glad my email helped. Unfortunately, I've had a little experience in the losing grandparents department. It is so hard to see loved ones suffer. I am sending many prayers and cyber hugs your way!! Hope you all had a super Christmas!!