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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Passion

Nathan spends every Tuesday with the Targo's parents. This is a day that all three of them look forward to. The Targo's dad takes Nathan to a gym class at their local park district. I'm pretty sure that his favorite thing about it is getting fawned over by all the young women. Anyway, Nathan loves it. Recently, they started playing basketball and it's Nathan's new absolutely favorite thing in the world. He never mentions Ti-dah and Nana (the Targo's parents) without also mentioning basketball. A MONSTER!

My mom and dad (Grandma and Baca) were in town a few weeks ago and as always, enjoyed their time with Nathan. Someone, and I'm not naming names (but I think it was my mom!), taught Nathan to shoot baskets behind the TV. We have a new TV that we saved up for months for. Nathan's already colored on it, and hit it with toy hammers, but the basketball shooting seemed to be the last straw for us. I'm not sure why.

We've officially banned balls of any kind in our house for time being. I hope you can understand the direness of this to a kid whose second word was "ball."


AJU5's Mom said...

Grandparents... You love them but you wonder what they are teaching your kid(s)...

Leslie Gidden said...

Madelyn's first word was "ball"...second was "Uh oh"....I think those two go together with a ball in the house. We too have found out!