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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coming Out

As much as I've struggled at work, there are some really amazing people here. Mostly, my immediate group of coworkers is insanely fabulous. I mean, the kind of wonderful that I don't ever dread going to work. (Being there? Now, that's another story.)

Mostly, the head of my organization (Vaguey McVague), is one of the kindest men I've ever met. I just adore him. Today, I told him about baby #2 and he was overjoyed. He's the father of three and his happiness for me (us) seemed genuine.

I'm sort of waiting for the backlash to begin. My nemesis became much more hostile to me after I announced my pregnancy (that makes it sound like it was over a PA or something, but you know what I mean). And then, she really became awful after I returned.

Right now, I'm trying to be happy. It's one of the first items of good news in mine and The Targo's family for about a year.


Sarah said...

So happy for you guys!!!

I always loved coming out at work, especially because I was always the only person pregnant and therefore kind of a novelty.

Shannon said...

I am just thrilled for you guys. I think this is the start of a whole new phase of happiness. If that "person" at work starts giving you heck, bring Nathan (playing monster) to scare the beejeebies out of her. LOL!!