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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Nathan Jacob...

A friend said to me once that your child is like your heart walking around outside of your body. I'm not sure where she got that, but it's so true. You are this miraculous little person, someone I'm sure on a daily basis that I don't deserve. But, my goodness, I adore you.

There are so many parts of you that I'm certain are me: Your nose, your cheeks, your smile, your gigantic heart (okay, that could be your dad too!). It's weird to be that person who always doubted their worth, but seeing and loving the same things in another human being. Thank you for that, little man. You make me feel worth it, because you're just so amazing.

You're a lot your father too. Oh, Nathan, we're so blessed to have this man in our lives. He's everything. I know that he's going to teach you what it really means to be a man. How to be strong, but have a heart that sees the best in people. How to value your family. How to treat women. Take notes, because I'm certain there's not a better teacher out there.

But you, little guy, have a lot figured out already. You're so sweet and gentle and forgiving. I'm so proud of that. I envision you growing up to be that man who stands up for what's right, whether or not it's popular. I see you as a person whose joy shines from within. I hope for you that you'll someday know the love that you've brought into our lives.

Happy birthday, Nathan. These past three years have been more than worth all the sleep-deprivation, the stretch marks, the dark circles, and the stress. I'm ridiculously grateful for you every single day.


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