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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hair! Hair! Long, beautiful hair!

(I'm totally one of those people that sings, like, all of the time. I don't mean crazy lady walking down the street singing to herself kind of singing. But I always have appropriate songs in my head. Reason 4,246 why I'm a big dork. Heh.)

Anyway, one of the most important things to me about this wedding is getting to do fancy things with my hair. I think I'm going to start experimenting this weekend.

I stupidly got my hair cut recently, despite all of my vows to "grow it long for the wedding." The cut, featuring lots and lots of layers, also has the not-so-coolness of wispy bangs. Now, I had wispy bangs in high school (I was so sadly mall bangs-challenged), and they were ok. But, I wasn't convinced about the okayness of the wispies now. I HATE them! They're always poking me in the eye, going up my nose and other unpleasantness. Wispies + Windy City = SUCK

To complicate matters more, the haircut before last, I had my hair thinned. This is a good thing because on windy days, my hair tends to trap woodland creatures and small children. Now I'm afraid I have some sort of mushroom thing going on.

So, I ask you - all two readers of my blog - what am I supposed to do with this???

Hair tends to look much blonder and much scarier in real life. Please, for the sake of the children, approach with caution!

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