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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh so shallow

As mentioned in my previous OMG I'M A RIDICULOUS FREAK OF A RAMBLER post, we are 1) having an engagement party, 2) having a destination wedding and 3) having a Chicago reception. There are several reasons that all of these are coming in to play, and I swear getting lotsa loot isn't one of them.

Now, because I always think I'm not this person but am quickly becoming this person, all I can think about is what in the world I'm going to wear to these events. Okay, number two is taken care of, but I still have to worry about events number 1 and 3.

Our engagement party is just going to be a cookout (yeah, I'm so a small town Midwestern gal), so I think I'm just going to wear something cute like a denim skirt and a breezy top. Something like that. Very casual and very chill.

This leaves me to ponder our reception. I've had a couple friends who had destination weddings. One had a party about a month later (similar to us, but we're about 6 weeks to avoid holidays and New Year's) and she wore her wedding dress again because most of her family hadn't been at the actual wedding. I thought it was adorable on her, but I totally don't want to do that. The reception we're planning will likely be a Saturday night at a nice Mexican restaurant in Chicago. So, I was thinking of cocktail apparel. Black is so much nicer to hide the salsa, guacamole and Sangria that I will undoubtedly spill. But, I want to stand out as the bride for the pictures. I don't want it to look like a family reunion or something. So, I'm thinking of buying a second dress. Is that ridiculous and spoiled? Probably. But, I'm the youngest in my family and the only girl - so NYAH! No really, I got such a great deal on my wedding dress, I thought maybe I could splurge on one that's a touch less formal, yet the occasion is still obvious.

Any ideas?

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