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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Hair!

Ok ... It's likely going to look the same as it does now, which is the same as it's looked for the past four years. But whatever. I'm finally getting around to going to the salon for my pre-wedding trim and highlight. I told The Targo that I'm going to get it cut to my chin. He said "How about after the wedding." Then I went on an early morning diatribe about how I'm not going to get that middle-aged fat woman's haircut as soon as we get married. And I will not - repeat - WILL NOT wear sweats around. I'm not going to give up simply because I'm married. I did that in college! (Remember our "dress sweats" Nogs? Heh.)

I know it's stupid, but I've ridiculous hair vanity. When you're the plumpy sister who gets continuously (read, mercilessly) teased by naturally thin brothers, you find something - anything - you like about yourself. I've always liked my hair - and my smile, but that's from thousands of dollars in orthodontics!

I'm really just getting a trim and highlights. I do think, after the wedding of course, that I might go dark blonde so I don't have to fuck with my damned hair again. I mean, it's fun and all, but it's almost as expensive as a crack habit.

Picture to come ... after the wedding.

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