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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is it all about the flowers?

I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about flowers. I've asked my friend, Colleen, about a dozen times over the past month "what are those funeral flowers that keep popping up at weddings?" If it's not a rose, I probably couldn't pick it out of a line up. But, I do know what pleases my eye and my nose. Having said that, there are too many choice, omigod. At some point they all start to look alike. Despite that, I've picked our flowers (The Targo's even more flower-challenged than I am).

I like this bouquet. I told Amy that it reminds me of my hair (internet rolls eyes at YET ANOTHER mention of alleged "awesome" hair): Meaning it's all unkempt and could easily abscond innocent children and old ladies in its unkemptness.

I had no frickin' clue what to pick out for The Targo. He didn't really care anyway. I'm pretty sure I asked one of the cats to pick it out. I was so ambivalent about the selection that I can't remember which one it was.

Just so this entry isn't entirely snooze-worthy, I have a question: Does anyone have a clue what "exotic meat" might mean in Mexico? I'm really hoping it's chicken. Either way, I'm so not eating that empanada!

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