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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Six Years

Six years ago today, the Targo and I went on our first date. It was a full five days since he had broken up with his girlfriend of two years. I feel a little bad about that sometimes, but not as bad as if I had something to do with it - WHICH I DIDN'T!

Six years ago today, the Targo sat across from me, drinking some Pinot Grigio and said "Yes, I know how to cook and I love to dance!" I agreed with his enthusiastic response, as only a lying liar could.

Six years ago today, I started falling in love with a guy whose friendship was meaning more and more to me everyday.

Six years ago today, I made this wonderful young man watch Final Destination just hours before he flew to San Francisco.

It's been a long road, Targo. But, I believe fully in my heart that it has been and will be worth it.

Love you.

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