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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back with a splash... well, maybe a little bit of a tan

Mexico was WONDERFUL. It's amazing that I, the biggest weather whiner since my father, can say that considering it rained everyday and it was 101 degrees on my wedding day. Yes. One hundred one! Considering Chicago got a foot of snow that day, I should shut the hell up.

Once again, I'm having problems with photos. They'll be uploaded on a later date.

The Most Notable Things (before an actual report):
  • The Targo and I cried our eyes out. We're total saps.
  • The Targo called Cancun "Vegas meets Miami Beach." It monsooned the whole time (about 20 hours) we were there, so I called it "The Suck."
  • Mayan ruins are cool.
  • The poverty in Mayan villages is so not cool. Industrial nation poverty has nothing on developing nation poverty. HEART-WRENCHING.
  • Cenotes are cold, but amazing.
  • An ocean-view suite makes my molehole apartment even more dark and depressing... and molehole-ish... but it's still better than a Mayan village.

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