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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is getting SO out of hand...

OK... The 1980s was not a time of haute couture. It just wasn't. From the early 80s, with its Flock of Seagulls-inspired hairdos, to the late 80s with the mallbangs... Not cute... Of course, we've recently been blessed with the reappearance of leggings and better, the mini-skirt over leggings!

As the Targo and I went for our nightly fix evening coffee run, we walked by the American Apparel store. I have yet to go into this place, although I wholeheartedly support their labor policies and, if nothing else, their t-shirts are high quality. The window displays always turn me off. I had trouble reconciling why, but last night I figured it out. Not only do they have those creepy stark-white mannequins, but they also pay supreme homage to the "fashion" of the 80s.

For example, I remember having desperate fights with my mom, as only a small child could, when in the early 1980s she would dress me in terry cloth rompers. Now, I can be a fully grown, urban woman and look ever-so-cute in one of these:

Or perhaps, this cute little number:

I also was horrified to see a reminder of 11th grade. One of the sweetest people I'd ever known in my life was this super-popular girl named Kim. She was a gymnast, cheerleader and unashamedly smart in school. No clue what happened to her. At any rate, in the 11th grade, she always wore t-shirts and jeans with this jersey/elastic belt-like thing around her waste. This may have been a trend nation wide - I don't know - but it struck me as odd. But I swear, Kim had one for everyday of the week. She was stylin'. Ladies and gentlemen, and I so wish I could find a picture, this belt-esque doohickey is apparently back! At least that's what the creepy mannequins at American Apparel tell me.

When will we admit that of any decade of fashion to bring back, the 80s is not the way to go? Sweet God.

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