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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Omigod. I am so hooked. I'm serious. It's becoming a serious problem for me.

Have you seen it?

American Idol can totally bite me. This is so much better! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grease. As a child of the 80s, I grew up with the Grease soundtrack (on vinyl no less) and the video. Not to mention one network seemed to air it a lot. I can't remember which one. Also, the singing? SO way better than American Idol (well, maybe not better than Kelly Clarkson, but way better than Fantasia). The drama? Yes, there is a mean British guy, but he's not mean for the sake of being mean. It's almost like he can't help himself. But seriously, Olivia Newton John's plastic surgery? That's dramatic (and frightening)! Let's not even talk about the scariness that is Andrew Lloyd Webber. He looks like he hasn't blinked in about ten years.

So, we're down to 5 Dannys and 5 Sandys. I'm pretty sure Kathleen (Spiritual Sandy) and Kevin will be eliminated this week:

After them though, I just don't know. I do know that if Max - AKA Slacker Danny - wins, I'll cry. He's one of those guys I just can't cheer for: he makes no effort, he's too "smooth," and he's no - I repeat NO - John Travolta. I'm just saying.

My favorite is Laura (Small Town Sandy):

She's absolutely adorable and when she sings my eyes tear up. *sniff* In fact, I'm so damned suckered in to this show that 1) I've still got older episodes on my TiVo and 2) I went and rented "Jesus Christ Superstar" after the Broadway (eep! Andrew Lloyd Webber!!) episode.

I'm ridiculously moved by music. I played the saxophone for about 12 years (I'd still play if I didn't live in a 600 square feet mole hole that has paper-thin walls) and was in choir and musicals in junior high and high school. But, I totally cannot sing. Well, that's not quite true. I can sing - about 6 notes. I was always a second alto, which I kidded myself into thinking that I was awesome on the low range... but that's such a lie. Bottom line: I cannot sing and totally want to. I keep imagining if I wasn't old and fat, I could totally be Sandy. The Not So Talented Sandy.

1 comment:

The Wooden Porch said...

I've never watched it. Is it really better than IDOL? (Actually I'm not into this season as much...)