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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Chair that I've Yet to Sit in

You all remember that chair, right? The one we were so proud to have bought. Well, I have yet to sit in it. Really. We've had it a month and still... No. I sit in the broken, uncomfortable papasan or lie on the futon. Not the worst of options really. And a girl has got to have her TV.

Why haven't I sat in the chair, you ask? Or maybe you didn't. But, here's why:

The sacrifices one makes.

There's also the little issue of the BATTLE FOR THE CHAIR!

Holy schmokes do these cats fight over this thing. The winner is decided by whichever one lies on his/her back first. New Cat outweighs Mystic by three pounds. That's like, a lot, in the cat-to-people ratio. So, if he gets the chair, it's all over: There's no way she can push him off. When that happens, I'm evil, and just move him. Yeah, I've obviously got a favorite. You see, New Cat is really affectionate but has really bad breath. And Mystic? Well, she's just not that into me. Which would you pick?


The Wooden Porch said...

Wait. Seriously? You have a cat named New Cat? That beats The Bucket. Or at least ties. I once had a dog named "Pups".

Marianne said...

Hey! His name is "Magic"... his nickname is New Cat, as opposed to Mystic, the one who lived there first.

Besides, I love Bucket. I think that's a cute name. Especially with one "T" and two balls:

You're seriously so funny!