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Monday, April 23, 2007


Mr. April: Magic
Age: 2
Weight: 11.5 lbs.
Sign: Virgo
Nickname: New Cat
I'm a rock star from the South Side of Chicago. YO!
My hobbies include belly rubs, toy mice, and chasing my tail in the laundry basket.
My hates! include low-fat cat food, the cat crate, and Mystic sitting in my chair.

When I'm feeling particularly saucy, I like to do this:

Yeah, that's right. I'm sittin' at the table. This is my chair. My moms better be settin' a place for me tonight. I mean, man - would it kill them to share their dinners? I don't think so, yo.

Now see this? This here is what I like to call entrapment. I mean, when you leave a bag of money on the ground, someone is going to take it. When you leave fire on a table, I'm gonna be jumpin' up there.

I'm all about being a pyro. Now where'd my moms leave my lighter?

Ahhh, hells no! I hate this thing!

The SQUIRT BOTTLE! I used to be scared of this bad boy, but not anymore. I figure in a Street Fight I so could take it down! Just watch me.

Squirt me! I dares ya!


Anonymous said...

ROTFL with tears in my eyes.....

Damn funny!

Aimee said...


Between Magic's Southside edge and Salem's porn career - we definitely have the makings of a very busy support group. hee

L Sass said...

Hee. Magic is one sassy kitty!