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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inconveniences: A Whiny Rant

It was about 75, sunny and just plain beautiful in Chicago today. I hope it was nice and lovely wherever you all are too. Our day started with brunch at our favorite diner. Then we took a long walk. Then we watched a lot of baseball (Go Cardinals!). Then we took another long walk. Then we had dinner at our favorite healthy eats spot. Then we went home.

Oh no.

The hallway was completely dark. The molehole, with its windows overlooking the garage, was pitch black. Oh-my-God! The Tivo! Will someone please think of the TiVo?

The power was out. It was Sunday. Was it going to come back on? Maybe I could claim a blackout day at work tomorrow?

Our building manager at first told us it would be back on in another half hour. Well, an hour later, that time changed to midnight. Did I mention the TiVo? The Simpsons are on Sunday night! My grumpiness was building, and man, did my feet hurt. We went to a bar... on the corner, just across the street. I sipped my diet RC (no kidding.) and The Targo had some beer I'd never heard of and we said like three words to each other. The Targo was coming up with all sorts of good ways to waste time and all I could think about were my pajamas and the food that was probably going bad in our not-so-effective fridge.

Finally, at 9:45, I looked across the street and down the block and saw the lights on the front of our building. Lights! Beautiful, wonderful, illuminating lights! We could go home! I could take off my shoes! And pajamas! I could wear pajamas!

Now, after resetting all of the clocks, organizing the laundry that we couldn't do, straightening up the apartment (erm, kinda), I can put on my damned pajamas. How could a beautiful sunny day turn into a pain in the arse blackout? I don't get it. It's days like this that I realize I'm just as much of a creature of habit as The Targo. It's only readily apparent when my schedule is way screwed up. Like when modern conveniences flip you the bird and ruin $100 worth of groceries.

And also... Mystic has sat on my laptop so many times that the "D" key only works if you push it hard enough to make it scream for help. Loverly.


L Sass said...

Aw... I'm guessing you didn't have $100 worth of ice cream in the freezer. To me, the only upside of a power failure is the excuse to binge on ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Ack! (what else sums it up better than that?) Ack!!

Kait said...

Our power has been known to go out for hours at a time as well - mostly because either the public works people are expanding the power grid (hello? Advance notice would be nice!) or some moron forgot to call before he started to dig and ended up slicing a line. Gah. Every now and then, a car will hit one of those power boxes and take out a couple of blocks (goodie!), but that's not as common as the other two. The joys of new construction!

I hate black outs - there's nothing to do!