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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ooot and Abooot*

(*That's for you, Sarah. I heart Canadians!)

I'm off to training this weekend. I'll be gone for a week. A week! It would be one thing if it was a class in, I don't know, New York, San Diego, Hawaii. But it's not. It's in the middle of nowhere and I'll be staying at an army barracks. You read that right.

The worst part is that this will be the first time The Targo and I have been apart overnight since we got married. And, it's the longest time we have spent apart for years. I know, I know. I'm such a baby.

Nearly as bad is that I'm not sure how much access to the Internets I will have. NOO! My fix! I needs it!

With that I want to wish you all a great weekend and hopefully I'll read about your adventures during the week.

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L Sass said...

Have fun at training in your secret underground bunker!!

Anonymous said...

Ooot and aboot, eh? Careful or I'll pelt you with maple doughnuts and Tim Horton's coffee (LOL!)

Ack! Army Barracks! Ack! Training for a week! Ack! Away from the Targo!

Double Ack! Sketchy internet access!

Anonymous said...

PS: I heart Chicagoans & Crazy Cat Ladies. :)

Aimee said...

um, barracks?! You sure do know how to live! :P
Have fun!