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Friday, April 27, 2007

TiVo? Did You Betray Me?

Um... Was this week's America's Next Top Model a clip show? That's what I saw on my TiVo. The lameness of that about killed me. They could have updated us in about 20 minutes, or I don't know, online. Why the clip show?

Or, maybe... Was there a second episode on afterward? There may have been but Medium has higher priority according to my backward older generation TiVo model. (Seriously, those of you who can record two things and watch a third... I marvel at that power! WOW!)

I feel all sorts of icky inside. TiVo is a member of my family. The cats are scolded when they touch the TiVo box or get in the way of its remote control awesomeness. *sniff* Did TiVo fail to record a NEW EPISODE OF AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL??? I feel so let down. If I can't trust my TiVo, who can I trust?

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Yup it was their lame mid-season recap with "scenes not seen before" BORING!

I was NOT happy either. But at least Tivo wasn't to blame. Just Tyra. :)