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Monday, May 07, 2007

Back from the Boonies

Thank goodness. It was a long week away, but I learned so much. There's nothing like immersion to make you learn. But really, I had a great time too. All about the nerdy, baby!

Where was I? Well, I'll give you a hint or two: One of the most famous civil war battlefields is in the state. It's the home of American chocolate. The state has two National League baseball teams. Yup! PA, baby! The accommodations weren't as sketchy as I thought they would be, but it was still an army barracks. Some mornings, I woke up to choppers overhead. One night, I fell asleep to nighttime maneuvers. Despite living in a large city, gunfire at night is not something I'm used to hearing. Besides my stuff for work, I learned that I can sleep through anything, food poisoning away from home is just not fair, and little planes SUCK!

I hope you kids had a great week. I am probably going to be incommunicado for a day or two, because Jeebus, I need to catch up.